Installing R and Python with Anaconda

It's easy to get the power of Python, R and Jupyter Notebooks running on your PC with Anaconda.

Installing R and Python with Anaconda

The first step in working with data science tools is getting access to a programming language such as Python or R.

There are lots of options, including working in a cloud based environment, such as Google Colaboratory, where you have nothing to install.

If you want to work on your PC though, then Anaconda provides a great way to get started quickly.

We've recorded two short videos to help you get started. The first takes you through how to install Anaconda on your PC. This automatically gives us the latest version of Python and a selection of Python packages along with Jupyter Notebooks.

The second shows how to install R into an existing Anaconda installation.

As a bonus, we also install JupyterLab and show how to access both Python and R notebooks from the Jupyter interface.

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